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Website Review: Church Media Design - Freebies Section

I just thought any techy types out there might find this website really useful! 

The Church Media Design website has a great section called Freebies where you can choose from free Audio, Backgrounds, Games, Mini Movies, Series Art and Textures. There are various other parts of the site including 'Episodes' 'Inspirations' and 'Articles' but this review is going to focus on the Freebies section. Here is an example of the quality you can expect for FREE! Notice the lack of large credit messages splurged across the image.


I'd suggest using the menu to filter the search and find the type of resource you are looking for (eg backgrounds.) It's probably also a good idea to download a much of resources together and organise them in to your own folders ready for when you need them. That way you know they are there when you need them. You could be kicking yourself for reinventing the wheel. An even better idea might be to give an administrator in your church some themes you have coming up and ask them to have a look for you!

Quite a few of the freebies link to other websites but they all seem to be links that work as far as I can tell after rummaging around and helping myself to quite a few nice resources for my church.

There is the usual SHARE button as well so that you can pass the goodies you find on to your friends using social media.

Good Stuff

If you use a digital projector in your church then you are going to absolutely LOVE this website.

Some of the resources even come with video tutorials telling you how to make your own versions using software like photoshop - if you are 'in' to that kind of thing.

It's all free!


Some of the materials will always be a little culturally specific to part of the church. For example the LoveMercy video is great but it has lots of footage of New York City. That's all fine - but it might not be right in some churches.

What you don't get is an indexed list of resources by topic - that would be one way to improve the site. It is all free though!

There isn't much audio (but there are LOADS of backgrounds.)

Any thoughts? Would you use these resources in your church? Do you have any other favourite sites?

 Here is an example of a video that you can download for free.

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