I love using twitter. It's so fantastic to be able to network and chat with the global church. If you have never given it go, why not create an account and follow Churches Alive Online to get started. 

One of my favourite ways to use Twitter is just to scroll around my news feed and see what's going on. Last week a tweet caught my attention. #askjustinewelby was the hashtag. Now I love tweeting at specific times, knowing that someone will read and respond. That's why I couldn't resist dropping the Archbishop of Canterbury a tweet. His topic this week was prayer, so I asked about praying at lunchtime. Here is the response.



.@aliveandonline #askJustinWelby pic.twitter.com/9SJfVMiQKB

— Justin Welby ن (@JustinWelby) September 5, 2016
I think it's rather cool to get a video repsonse liek that and not just a tweet. So I stand by what I said earlier that knowing which hashtag to use when, and knowing that people will be reading that hashtag at that time is a great way to use Twitter. If you are interested in getting involved in #ukchurchchat please to let me know as I'm in the early stages of setting up this exctiting weekly twitter hour for UK churches.